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Ways to Participate in Transforming Our World

Adoption as a Way of Transforming Our World

Adopting an animal can be a life altering event.  Most of us are well aware of how owning and caring for an animal can change our lives, and the lives of the animal as well.

Few of us however, stop to think about how we might change the quality of life for a neighbor facing terminal illness or increasing disability due to aging, who can no longer care for their beloved pet.

By adopting a pet from such an individual, you are demonstrating compassion and caring in a manner that can’t help but change the lives of all involved, including your family, the family of the current pet owner and in a larger sense our community and our world.

Please consider listing your name as a potential candidate for this special form of pet adoption or as a foster care provider.  Fill out the online application or contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

If you know someone who is terminally ill and needs to place a pet either immediately or after their gone, have them contact us or call on their behalf.  We’d be delighted to talk the options that are available to change the life of a pet and its current and future owners.

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