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In Your Life

The Animal Kingdom Foundation of Compassion, Care, and Concern (AKFCCC) invites you to take a moment and think about how you can make the world a better place by simply committing yourself to a daily routine of practicing kindness, compassion and encouragement. 

You needn’t aspire to perfection.  Simply remembering to choose kindness over absolute correctness (whatever that is) a few times a day will make a great difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Once you are comfortable doing this a few times a day or if you are already operating at this level, try practicing this at least once an hour and eventually you will find yourself living in this manner moment to moment, day after day.  Be prepared for some skepticism, even resistance by others around you who notice the subtle or not so subtle change in you.

In this small way you can make a real difference in the world in which we all live.  Simply by reducing the level of constant correction, conversation based on debate and negative noise the world begins to transform into a more peaceful and harmonious environment.  If that sounds a little too simple, new age even a bit like psycho-babble to you, just try remembering the shorthand version:  Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You!  

You may not attract the animals of the forest as St. Francis of Assisi was said to have done, but at least you scare them or your loved ones away.

You can make an even bigger difference in the world if you adopt a healthy respect for all forms of education and a philosophy of life long learning.  In this manner you will continually, as Stephen Covey, author of “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People” says, "Sharpen the Saw.”

Each day you can grow, if only just a little in knowledge, even as you are increasing your compassion through practicing the previous exercise.  This is a plan for life that will positively improve your life and the lives of the people and animals around you and ultimately our planet.

Make it your goal to become the person that your children and your pets believe you already are.  If you don’t currently have children or pets, we highly recommend you consider adopting some or supporting someone you know who already has some, especially the elderly and disabled.

While we can’t promise that it will be easy; understanding and compassion can make everyday decisions even more challenging as often as not, we can promise that life will rarely be anything less than an adventure.  Let’s spread the word.  Create a movement.  Start a revolution, but always we start with ourselves.

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