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About the Animal Kingdom Foundation of Compassion, Care, and Concern

Board of Directors

Dr. Robert C. Brown

A native Virginia gentleman, Dr. Brown was raised on a small dairy farm in Luray, in the Shenandoah Valley in the town of the world  famous Luray Caverns  His passion for people, animals, and medicine led him to Virginia Tech and the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, where he graduated in 1971.  As a veterinary student, he married Donna, the love of his life, in 1968, and while both were students they had their first child Brian, and two months after graduation, their second son Gary was born.  Within that year,  Dr. Brown founded Cherrydale Veterinary Clinic strongly emphasizing wellness and preventative care.  Since medicine is all about people,  Dr. Brown's interest in human behavior guided him into becoming a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator user.  He has been a frequent college and seminiar speaker on the art and delivery of medicine and business management in the U.S., Latin America, and Spain.  Dr. Brown is a naturalist, forester, innovator, farmer, and a prolific and creative visionary who enjoys doing medicine, management and mentoring of people.  He has put so much energy and thought into the creation of the Animal Kingdom Foundation, and serves as its strongest proponent as he reaches out to others to advocate and engage their support and assistance to meet its success both immediately with the Foster/Adoption program ,and his longterm floating University and Animal -Care Ambassador Ship when phase III launches.   Dr. Brown makes everything he does seem easy and so natural.  He did serve in his earlier career, after marriage to Donna, as a naturalist with the Shenandoah National Park Service in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  He is good at everything he becomes involved in.

Dr. Farid Boughanem
Vice President

Dr. Boughanem was born and raised in Algiers, Algeria where he received his DVM degree from the University of Algiers. He and his wife Nadia moved to the DC area shortly after they graduated from Veterinary School and Medical School respectively. While Nadia completed her residency in Radiology at the George Washington University, Dr. Boughanem put his veterinary career on hold, working first at a financial institution then at a research laboratory. He completed his foreign graduate examinations and licensing requirements while working as a veterinary assistant at Cherrydale. Very quickly, Dr. Boughanem realized the need to set new standards in diagnostic techniques allowing us to be more efficient and more accurate. He undertook the task of developing our state of the art telemedicine service along with diagnostic Ultrasound. Dr. Boughanem has been recently appointed Cherrydale's Medical Director. In addition to English, he speaks fluent French and Arabic, allowing us to communicate with many of our clients in their native language.

Donna Brown
Executive Director

Donna Nuzzi Brown is a native of Washington State, has lived in Monterey, California, and now lives in Virginia where she passionately carries out her duties in support of the Animal Kingdom Foundation of Compassion, Care and Concern.

Donna comes by both her passion for the work and compassion for those involved quite honestly.  As the wife of Dr. Robert C. Brown, Donna was the cofounder of the Cherrydale Veterinary Clinic in Arlington, Virginia.  Donna met Bob while she was studying for a degree in English Education at Radford University and he was attending his undergraduate at Virginia Tech.  They married and Donna transferred to the University of Georgia where they both simultaneously completed their degrees and Bob received his doctorate in veterinary medicine.

Raising their children while finishing their degrees, led Bob and Donna to a greater understanding of hard work, the importance of struggle, striving and the value of education.  Since the inception of the Cherrydale Clinic, Donna has worked tirelessly as the clinics first administrator, initially seeing to the day to day operations, and as the clinic grew, taking on additional responsibilities of organizing functions and special events and using her unique and plentiful skills and talents to also assist with staff training and hiring.  The clinic now enjoys a reputation of providing excellent service and care to clients ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary power elite of Washington, DC for more than 35 years.  Donna Brown has certainly been a key figure in the history of this successful landmark clinic in Northern Virginia.

As a wife, mother of two and now a grandmother actively involved in both the family business and AKFCCC, Ms. Brown somehow finds time to stay actively engaged in her community.  She continues her work and service with Arlington, Virginia’s Cathedral of Saint Thomas More where she has been actively involved and worshiped since 1990.  Donna especially values the opportunity to sing with the Cathedral Choir where though the music is challenging, it is also fulfilling.

“It is prayer of the highest order,” says Donna.  And like her work in her family, in her community and at AKFCCC where she says she tries to make a small difference every day, it is all, “for the glory of God!”

Belle Cadiz

Belle Cadiz, is a native of the Philippines.  Belle studied Liberal Arts at St. Mary's College and Special Education at UCLA before starting as a veterinary assistant at Cherrydale Veterinary Clinic in Arlington, VA., in 1986.  Belle is a certified Myers-Briggs Intrepreter  which has benefited the veterinary clinic environment immensely as we build a cohesive clinic team.    Belle also became certified in Veterinary Practice Management in 2003, from the Krannert Business School at Purdue University.  Belle knows and understands people, and selects exceptional people to join the Cherrydale team.  She personally works with each new employee, trains them, and enables them to grow.  Her frugality and resourcefulness have highly benefitted the clinic throughout the years.  Her winning smile and positive outlook, help set us apart.  Her ingenious ways of setting and accomplishing goals is immeasurable.  Belle's multi-faceted talents including delicious Philippine cullinary flavors and style, to further enhance all the lives of the CVC team, while creating a more desirable working environment.  Anything Belle does is always for the greater good of the whole team, and her loyalty, respect and integrity are unsurpassed in the working world.  She is a straight-shooter and tolerates nothing but the best a person can deliver.  She has set her standards high and expects the same from others, a tremendous and highly respected asset to the AKFCCC  board..

Denise Maddens-Gordy

Denise Maddens-Gordy, our Administrative Assistant at Cherrydale Veterinary Clinic, is originally from the state of Washington and has lived in Northern Virginia since 1961.  She has worked "behind the scenes" at Cherrydale's business office in Herndon, VA., since 1984.  Without the hard work, pedal -to- the metal style, Denise does, we would not be able to run as efficiently and precisely as our multiple operations demand.   Denise helps us strive toward being the best veterinary clinic in the country, and is proud to be involved with its success from both the clinic viewpoint, as well as the involvement in the MBTI (Myers-Brigg) training and interpretation of students, faculty, staffs, veterinarians, and paraprofessionals.
Denise understands the intricacies of support from the ground up and asserts and challenges the day to day operation.  The term "loyal" and Denise are synonymous.  Denise brings to the table the details and the facts to be sorted and turned around in her usual timely way.  Time management is one of her strong suits, and she tries to be one step ahead of where we are going.  Denise is forthright and energetic.  She keeps the team on the straight and narrow whenever she can get away with it.  She contributes greatly to the success of the clinic with her steadfast reliability and concern, and her willingness to jump on board and serve the Animal Kingdom  Foundation, a welcome addition to our working environment. 

Our Staff


Yanny L. Brown
IT & Marketing Advisor

Yanny received a B.S. in Management Information Systems in ’97 from George Mason University & has since been working in a variety of consulting & program/project management positions with local companies, such as Booz-Allen & Hamilton & Sprint-Nextel.   She has resided & worked in the Northern Virginia area for nearly 20 years and has dedicated much of her life to her family & service to others.  Finally, Yanny brings her professional experience & passion to service in order to help establish and support the growth of the Animal Kingdom Foundation.   

Michael Powell
IT/Veterinary Technical Director

Michael is from the island of St. Kitts/Nevis in the Caribbean. He's been working at Cherrydale since November of 2002. He has a degree in Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health, as well as in Wildlife and Forestry Conservation. He is a graduate of Freedom Bible College and Seminary and Graduated with a degree in General Ministry, and is Pastor of Career and Collegiate Ministry at his Local Church. Michael enjoys listening to music, playing piano/organ, reading, cooking, watching TV, and attending church. He also works with community outreach programs focusing on shut-ins, youth, homeless, and prison populations.

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