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Message from Our Founder
Dr. Robert C. Brown

Competence and Compassion

To be a whole human being you need both…


Thank you for your interest in the Animal Kingdom Foundation. 

As a veterinarian, I have strived for more than thirty five years to enhance the physical and psychological well being of people by enhancing the quality of life and longevity of their pets.  As a Son, a husband, a father and a grandfather, I have tried to be of equal value to my family as I have been to my clients, their families and their pets.

While I have experienced great personal and professional successes, I have also noticed that there is much more that needs to be done to improve lives of people who wish to maintain loving and healing relationships with their pets while facing the extraordinary challenges that human end-of-life can bring. 

Who cares for the pet of an individual that has grown old and frail, unable to attend to many of their own basic needs?

The Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) was founded on the belief that we need to be better stewards of each other, our animals and our planet, because we are all connected and interdependent.  To this end it is important that we each strive to be both more compassionate and as competent as possible.

The terminally ill and disabled seniors in our community who own pets deserve the peace of mind that comes from pre-arranging an adoption of a pet that would otherwise be abandoned, left on their own or possibly even euthanized. 

In addition to our adoption program, AKF, has developed a model to improve the fields of nutrition, food production, public safety and communicable diseases around the world. 

Through our International Educational Exchange program, which brings veterinarians from other countries to the United States for advanced training in an atmosphere of international collaboration, AKF facilitates improved professional education that makes the world a safer and more peaceful place to live.

Here at AKF, we believe that our shared humanity is our shared responsibility.  We are committed to helping all creatures great and small.  We ask for your assistance in improving our stewardship of our communities, our animals and our environment.

We invite you to join us in this adventure to transform the lives of one another, improve the lives of our pets and positively improve our world together.


Animal Kingdom Foundation of Compassion, Care, and Concern
100 Elden Street Suite 11, Herndon, VA 20170

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